Discount Computer Office Chairs: The Three Steps to the Perfect Fit June 08 2014

          Consumers search for discount computer office chairs that offer the ultimate comfort and the best quality. It is fair to say that time must be taken to choose a chair that is the right fit for your body. Research across several institutions has shown that people spend an average of 11.3 hours a day sitting on a chair during their daily activities. Of these 11.3 hours, 5 hours are spent on average sitting on a computer office chair. As these hours begin to add up day in and day out, the design and padding of the computer office chair can come into play. It controls the fatigue, strain on the back, neck and even the morale after using the chair for weeks and months on end. Computer users often complain of headache, pain the knees, thighs and even with trouble concentrating. Therefore, it becomes critical to choose the right computer office chair for the most comfort and quality, and of course at the right price. This guide will introduce you to looking at the factors in picking a discount computer office chair for your needs at Deals on Chairs.

            Step 1-The Pneumatic Adjustment Lever: Every computer office chair must come with a sturdy frame, strong lumbar region, and sufficient padding that do not “give in” from use over time. These three elements are the building blocks of a comfortable computer office chair. You must also be able to achieve the right posture. When sitting at a computer, the office chair must make it possible for the arms to be level at the seat height, the thighs must be complete horizontal to the ground and feet must rest comfortably on the ground. To accomplish these tasks, a simple but extremely effective tool known as the pneumatic adjustment lever is utilized. This simple functionality of the computer office chair makes it possible for the user to adjust these factors as necessary.  

            Step 2-The Dimensions: The dimensions of the chair must accommodate your body. The width and depth of the chair must be sufficient for you to rest comfortably. You may be wondering, how do I know what dimensions work best for me? When sitting at the chair, the back of your knees must be 2-3 inches away from the front edge of the chair (the part of the seat you are sitting on). The sides of the chair must give you a minimum of 2 inches of later separation between your outer thighs and side edges of the seat. Don’t worry though, Deals on Chairs has sized all of their computer office chairs to cover the dimensions required for most people.

            Step 3- The Lumbar Support: Computer office chairs users often overlook this vital component of the chair. This aspect dictates over 50% of the comfort provided to the user. At the minimum, the back rest should be 12-19 inches wide and must enable you to sit without slouching. Some fancy chairs come with a lumbar height adjustment to compensate for the inward curve of your back by adjusting the height and depth. That is not all though. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the basics. If you have chosen the computer office chairs with the right dimensions, a pneumatic adjustment lever, and good lumbar support, then you have covered 90% of the objective. The other 10% comes down to your posture.

            Summarily, a reliable computer office chair requires its user to look at the basics without going too much in to the bells and whistles. Take your time to assess what your body needs with respect to how much time you spend on computers and your posture when sitting at the chair. Then, once you are ready to get a new computer office chair, pay attention to the BASICS like a simple pneumatic lever, dimensions, and lumbar support. Ultimately, the basic features can dictate your comfort and endurance when sitting in front of a computer for extended amount of time.