The Boss: Executive Chairs for Your Office June 30 2014

In a business environment, presentation is an important factor. The layout as well as the furniture in your office, should reflect your corporate identity. In addition, other factors such as the comfort and ergonomics of your office space, are equally important. With executive chairs you can achieve both, comfort and a professional image. These chairs are a perfect combination of sophistication and comfort that enable you to make a classy statement as your clients enter your office.

Features of executive chairs

Tilt mechanism: Executive chairs usually have a tilting mechanism that enables you to adjust the recline of the seat in accordance to your body posture.

Executive chairs also have a lock feature that prevents the chairs from reclining. This feature is helpful when you need to sit in an upright position to tackle work that needs your full concentration.

Height adjustment: Executive chairs also have a functional lever that can be pressed to alter the height of the seat to meet your specific requirements. The pneumatic technology used in these chairs ensures that the user does not experience any unexpected movements.

Swivel system: A 360 degree sideways movement is made possible in executive chairs with the help of the swivel system. The advantage of this movement is that it eliminates any strain on your shoulders or back when you have to reach out to documents or attend to calls on telephones placed on either side of your working table. This essentially provides freedom of movement when you are working.