The Basics of Ergonomics July 06 2014

The most commonly used piece of furniture in any office is the ergonomic-computer office chair. In modern work spaces, computers have become a mandatory part of office equipment and this has also given rise to the need for ergonomic office chairs, which are made with a unique design. These chairs have some characteristic features which make them different from regular office chairs.

The fundamental idea behind the design of an ergonomic office chair is to offer you comfort as you work at your computer desk. The reason for their popularity is the rise in health concerns such as back ache that develop over a period of time, due to bad posture or sitting positions.

Height- A good ergonomic chair offers twin features of a flexible seat and modifiable arm rests. In addition to this, the height of the back rest can also be altered in some ergonomic chairs. This helps you maintain a more comfortable and natural posture.

Size- Apart from height, the width and depth of the seat are very crucial elements in an ergonomic chair. If you are unable to sit comfortably on a chair, the design is perhaps faulty and fails to provide adequate support.

Back Rest- The back support provided by an ergonomic chair is one of its major advantages as compared to regular office chairs. Ergonomic chairs are generally equipped with both-a lumbar hold and a conventional back rest. This helps keep the spine erect and reduces the stress on the back during the day.