Office Task Chairs: The Workhorse of the Office July 07 2014

Task chairs are mostly used at office workstations or desks. The design of office task chairs is generally very basic and they are meant to be utilized by several individuals. These chairs are commonly used in classrooms, especially in computer labs. They can also be seen in different kinds of public settings, libraries or when a particular workstation is shared by a number of employees.

The best feature of office task chairs is that they have a very flexible use in offices and can be adjusted in different ways. Some chairs are suited only for individual users. However, task chairs can be adjusted in terms of their height to suit individual needs. As such, every individual using the chair, can adjust it to make themselves comfortable. The height of the chairs can be adjusted with the help of a lever control placed below the seat.

The usage is very basic. You can press the lever when the chair seat is empty and the seat rises up. The seat can be lowered by simply applying some force on the seat when pressing the lever. This can be done while you are sitting on the task chair.

The slightly high end or expensive category of task chairs also come with back rests which can be adjusted to allow an individual to manipulate or alter the chair in a way that provides appropriate support to his or her legs and back. This enables the user to get ample comfort while working in an office or similar space. Armrests are also included in some of the office task chairs manufactured today.