Want to Make Good Use of that Kitchen Counter Top? Get Trendy Kitchen Stools July 09 2014

The kitchen could be a perfect spot for an intimate family lunch or dinner if equipped with the right kind of seats. Bar counters and table-tops are extremely popular as a design concept in modern kitchens today. This automatically makes stools the best accompaniment for seating, giving the right height and posture for a comfortable eating or working experience.

Apart from being very convenient, kitchen stools can also add to the visual aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. With so many trendy design options available in the market today, you can experiment by opting for bright shades of color to make your kitchen come alive. You should keep in mind that the standard counter stool height is approximately 24 inches whereas bar stools stand at a height of about 30 inches.

Modern furnishing brings stylish curved seating options in stools for contemporary kitchens. The kitchen stools usually have sleek steel legs to support them, giving them a light appearance and making the kitchen look more spacious. By opting for bright color shades, you can easily light up a neutral kitchen or other setting.


If you have a kitchen that primarily has a stainless steel touch to it (countertops, utensils), you should definitely opt for a complimenting trendy stool which has a base made of stainless steel. Such stools are becoming extremely popular in modern contemporary kitchen designs today. These stools have their design origins in Japan and come with luxurious leather seats, very commonly used in high-end kitchens and restaurants.