Multi-shift Chairs for Long Working Hours July 10 2014

Multi-shift chairs are a perfect option when looking for consistent use and comfort over a long period of time. A common feature of these chairs is a cushioned and contoured back that provide ample support in maintaining the right posture while working at a desk.

Multi-shift chairs also come with simple ergonomic functional adjustments which allow the seats to be personalized to suit individual requirements. Such chairs made of high quality material, with a solid structure, offer both durability and comfort to the users, especially those working non-stop for several hours during the day. It is, therefore, a smart buy for any type of work setting.


The typical features of a multi-shift chair are the following:

  • They can seat or take up to 350 lbs of weight.

  • They often come with a number of seat choices. These include large, medium and small tractor seats.

  • The outback, back and seat are entirely upholstered along with an edge guard.

  • Other convenient features include a ratchet back, a sliding seat, an air lumbar and two multi-shift adjustment controls.

When making a decision to purchase chairs for your office or work setting, it is important to look at ergonomic advantages that increase functionality and offer sufficient comfort to the user. It is also vital to takes into consideration the working hours of individuals when buying chairs. As mentioned before, multi-shift chairs work best for people spending many hours working at a desk as they offer ample support to the back and help maintain a good posture.