What are Parsons Chairs? July 13 2014

A parson chair is a functional chair which has a simple design and can merge with several different types of interior spaces. The name of this chair has been inspired by the Parsons School of Design in Paris. However, the authentic design for a parson chair has only been developed in the recent times. The original design was created in the 1930’s and its objective was to hold on to both utility and comfort. The unnecessary design elements and ornamentation were eliminated along with other influences from history which were a major feature of chair designs in those days.

This resulted in the creation of a simple chair which had neat lines and would easily blend in with any kind of furniture in your home. The initial concept behind a parson chair was that it should be an element of a complete furniture set. Its most conventional use was found in a dining room which had at least four chairs along with a parson table to complete the set.

With the passage of time, these parson chairs were taken away from the dining room where they served as a part of the set of furniture. The chairs then became a popular choice for reading corners in the home with their comfortable cushioned design that supported the back, legs and arms of the person. The attractive design also added a touch of style to the décor. There are some people who like to keep a parson chair or two of them to provide an eclectic touch to the room.