Buying the Right Ergonomic Office Chair July 14 2014

Office working hours typically require you to sit on a chair for long stretches of time which can cause harm to your spine structure. In order to prevent the occurrence of any back problems, you should opt for an ergonomic office chair which provides appropriate support to your lower back and also enhances your sitting posture, causing minimal stress to the spine.

Several types of ergonomic chairs are available for purchase, but it is important to select the right type of ergonomic chair for your specific office use. There are certain characteristics that you must consider while selecting an ergonomic office chair.

Height of the seat

The height of an office chair seat should ideally be adjustable. This adjustment can easily be done using an aerial adjustment lever. The average seat height that works comfortably for most individuals ranges from sixteen to twenty one inches.

Width and depth

The seat width and depth should be enough to offer comfort to any user. The standard width is seventeen to twenty inches. The depth of the ergonomic office chair should be sufficient for the user to sit comfortably against the backrest while providing a gap of two to four inches between the seat chair and the back portion of the knees.

Lumbar comfort and support

The most important feature of an ergonomic office chair is lower back comfort and support. The curve of the lumbar spine goes inward and when you sit for an extended period of time in the absence of support, you tend to slouch. So, a lumber adjustment feature is a must-have in an ergonomic office chair.