All About Metal Stack Chairs July 15 2014

The metal stacking chairs are used very commonly in small home-based offices and garages because of their typical industrial type look and feel. They are made in a metal frame which makes them durable and sturdy. They can be placed at different location inside or outside a home. When used in a home office space, they can be easily coordinated with the other furniture such as the metal desk and cabinet to give a complete look to the room.

The unique feature of these chairs is that they are mostly stack-able. This essentially means that very limited space is taken up by these chairs since they can be stacked on top of each other.

These metal stack chairs work wonderfully for a school or classroom setting as well. These are tough chairs and can take minor wear and tear without getting damaged. These chairs are used by many teachers and professors in the classroom and those that come with padding on the seat area as well as the back are even more comfortable. A teacher can also opt for a stack chair that comes equipped with an armrest to place it near his/her desk.

Stacking chairs are usually available in a lot of vibrant colors. So they add a pleasant touch to any room setting. Since they are made of metal, these chairs are comparatively heavier and the chair legs are very strong and stable. So, they can take on a good amount of weight.