Modern and Trendy Bar Stools July 16 2014

You have recently redesigned your new house in a contemporary theme design with a stylish bar counter and modern kitchen space. All you need now are some stylish bar stools to complete the look. But finding the right bar stool, which is stylish yet comfortable can be tough. Below are the latest finds in the interiors market!

The Bombo Bar stool is a uniquely structured bar stool that can put a smile on your guest’s face. It is shaped like an ice cream cone on which you can comfortably perch and has an ultra luxurious Italian touch to it.

The Vapor Stool is an acrylic stool which offers maximum comfort for your back and does not interfere with the view across the bar. In limited spaces, vapour stools help give a spacious feel to the room.

There are a variety of spinning stools also available in the market which add a circular structure to the otherwise straight and streamlined contemporary furniture of your home. The design of these spinning stools is quite basic and simple and fits into all kinds of kitchen and bar décor, whether industrial, modern or farmhouse.

There are various other kinds of stools which get their names from designers and places of origin. These include the Cherner stool which is a mid-century classic design and has been a favourite of architects for several years. It was reintroduced by the sons of Norman Cherner and uses wood in a modern style and form to create a contemporary stool.