Types of Executive Leather Chairs July 18 2014

An executive leather chair can be a highlight or the most attractive piece of furniture in your office cabin and provide maximum seating comfort during your workday. Executive office chairs usually fall under the category of expensive office furniture and mostly found in luxury offices or big multi-national companies. An aura of professionalism is felt in the office with the placement of luxurious executive leather chairs.
Below are some common types of executive leather chairs found in offices:
Oversized or huge executive leather chairs: This type of executive chairs has a comparatively wider and taller back support. The seating area also has more depth so that even larger users can be accommodated. You will find  an armrest support in these chairs and the height of the backrest can be chosen as per individual requirement (usually available in the range of 37-46 inches). 
Accenting executive leather chairs: These chairs typically have a stand-out feature such as wooden arms, extra padding, designer cushioned backrest or a creative color theme. Maple and Cherry are the common types of woods used for making such executive chairs. The maple wood lends a slightly contemporary touch to the chair.
Ergonomic executive leather chairs: These chairs are available in a variety of different sizes which can vary from standard, small and oversized.  The height of the backrest can go over forty five inches. The styling of the chair is also varied. It could have panels, gathers, or a nicely finished backrest. The unique feature of this chair is that the backrest could be structured in a way to fit the spine with a knee tilt that is adjustable.