Types of Office Stools July 19 2014

One of the most important elements of an ergonomic work space is a well structured stool because it is the most used piece of furniture during your work day. Prolonged sitting in an office stool or a chair can lead to back stress and discomfort. This could also result in various kinds of aches and pains. You could prevent such a situation by choosing a well designed office stool for your ergonomic work space so that efficiency and productivity are not affected.
Below are some common types of office stools you could choose from:
Saddle stools
Saddle stools are very different from conventional office stools and have a uniquely designed seat shape. As the name suggests, the seat of this type of stool is shaped as a saddle, like the one kept on a horseback. These stools allow for both seat angle and height adjustments and are therefore an ergonomic type, as they support a correct posture. 
Medical stools
If you do not sit on the office stool for long stretches of time and have minimal usage, you could opt for a medical stool. These are very basic kind of stools made of leather, fabric or vinyl covering on the base. They are accompanied by rolling castors.
Sit-Stand stools
These types of stools are popular for their quick adjustment features. The seat height is usually extended and there might be adjustment provisions for seat angles. These are mostly used in pharmacies, laboratories and similar work environments where workers spend less time sitting.