Types of Recliners July 20 2014

We all long the comfort of putting our feet up and relaxing on a comfortable chair after a long day at work. There is no better chair than a recliner for achieving this kind of comfort. However, buying the right type of recliner to suit individual needs can be confusing. Below are the various types of recliner chairs available in the market. You can easily pick one once you go through its features and advantages.
Two-Position recliners:
As the name suggests, these recliners provide two types of positions-completely reclined and upright. A lever is usually used to operate the footrest in order to recline. These types of recliners are usually quite inexpensive; however their functions are also restricted. In addition to this, they also take up large  amount of space.
Rocker recliners:
There are various reclining angles in these types of recliners. You can set up the footrest without reclining the back completely, as you would in the case of a two-position recliner. So, the rocker recliner is best suited for small or limited spaces and it can be positioned against the wall.
Push-Back recliners:
In the case of push-back recliners, the built-in footrest feature is usually absent. The term ‘flex-back’ recliner is also used for these recliners. It only requires the user to push the seat back and the chair automatically reclines.  So, the back is the sole element of the chair which actually moves. It takes even lesser space than the two-position and rocker recliners.