Choosing the Right Quality Leather Chair July 21 2014

When you decide to buy good leather seating for your home, you do not want to settle for a low-quality alternative that ends up making your furniture look cheap instead of classy. Leather is all about luxury. While it is good to save money when making any kind of furniture purchase, be sure to pick the right alternatives when it comes to buying leather furniture. There are variations of leather available in the market. Below is a guide to help you understand the different varieties of leather.

Bonded leather

This type of leather is most commonly used by manufacturers as a cheap substitute to real leather because it has the same feel and appearance and can be a ‘good deal’ for the buyer. However, it has only 17 percent leather component and is actually a complete rip-off if you are looking to buy authentic leather chairs.

By-cast leather

The most common description for by-cast leather is a ‘coating of split’. This is usually very thin for normal use. The top of the leather chair is properly sealed with this layer and a coating of polyurethane. As with bonded leather, the skin and material have no real point of contact and it has no features of durability or comfort as it is the case with real leather (layer contains top-grain).


Though split is 100 percent leather, it still lacks all the features of top-grain because of the differences in processing.Be sure to ask your manufacturer about the type of leather used in the making of the chair before making the actual purchase.