Comfortable Big and Tall Chairs for your Office July 22 2014

Not everyone in your office can feel comfortable in the same kind of seating, especially those with a slightly taller and heavier frame. You spend a great number of hours working in an office chair and it is absolutely important that your chair be customized to offer maximum comfort and support. Big and tall chairs are especially designed for people with a bigger frame. They usually have a wider seating and an adjustable height and come in a variety of designs.

One example of such a chair is a big and tall office mesh chair which boasts of several technical specifications such as a seat and height adjustment (pneumatic), a complete swivel feature, a 400 pounds weight carrying capacity and also a knee tilt adjustment option. It is one of the most high-in-demand chairs when it comes to the the big and tall category seating in the market at present.

Some of the additional luxury features of the chair include mesh seats which are extremely well-padded and air-filled back rest with tilt adjustment features. The look of this chair is completely modern and would fit into any kind of contemporary office décor. Not only does these chair have an aesthetic appeal but it is also durable in terms of its built and comes with a firm seating. The mesh of the chair is not extremely bouncy and the density of the foam is quite high. The best part is that even with all these features, it comes at an extremely affordable price!