Leather Chairs for a Sophisticated Office Décor & Other Alternatives July 27 2014

Nothing adds a greater touch of sophistication to a contemporary modern office space than leather furniture. Leather chairs are not only classy, but also very comfortable to sit in. They are best kept in conference rooms to entertain clients or in cabins of senior staff members.

When leather is mixed with a polymer, the resulting fabric is termed as ‘Faux’ leather. It offers long lasting strength and durability to office leather chairs and hence is a great buy for your work space. The softness of leather is replicated by a process of breaking down the polymer after which it is brought together. Some versions of faux leather may be harder, though there is no match to the shine offered by real leather.

The alternative leather fabrics are definitely less expensive; however they do not provide the same comfort that is offered by aging leather. While leather is durable, the artificial fabrics are not. For instance, an alternative to leather chairs are Vinyl chairs. They can often look very similar to leather chairs and add that sophisticated touch to your office décor. They are most commonly seen being used in bio-tech offices. This is essentially because they are not damaged by bacteria and can be cleaned quite easily.

Vinyl chairs are definitely cheaper as compared to leather office chairs. But you also have the option to purchase chairs that are made of both vinyl and leather components. This could be a very smart alternative.