Seating Ideas for Contemporary Drawing Rooms August 01 2014

Drawing rooms are usually the most popular spaces in your home. As opposed to the earlier design norms, which required traditional drawing rooms to have matching furniture; contemporary and modern style drawing rooms are much more relaxed in their decor and allow a lot of creative styling. This means mix-matched furniture, adding a touch of color here and there, variety of patterns and different kinds of seating arrangement to suit individual needs.

Some contemporary chair ideas for a modern drawing could include the following:

Modern Spencer Chair: This is a kind of armchair that is sure to get an “ahh” from your guests. It’s steady, made of a steel base and yet very stylish in its look. An extremely soft fabric is used in its upholstery and it is a very ‘light-looking’ piece of furniture. It is equipped with extremely comfortable armrests upholstered in the same soft fabric.

Bench Style Contemporary Chair: This could be kept as an additional seating arrangement (like sectional) with a sofa or even as a solo piece as it is very flexible in its functionality and very modern in its overall appeal. This contemporary style bench has tufted stitching on the top to keep the elements tailored and it is comes with sufficient cushioning to make for a very comfortable seating.

You don’t need to use the old design ethics to do up your modern drawing room. Think creative and you could end up with an extremely stylish space in your home!