Types of Drafting Stools August 02 2014

Drafting stools are a common style of seating seen in several offices, both big and small . They are a great seating option at a common workstation as they occupy less space and can also be moved around easily. Home offices can also make use of drafting stools. They come in several varieties and some of which are discussed below.

Sabina Draft stool is an ergonomic and completely adjustable chair with a molded back made of foam. Its contour seat is accompanied with three levers and an armrest as well as height adjustment feature.

The Lookout drafting stool comes with complete height adjustment options. The chair seat is molded and has a comfortable back rest for support. The contour seat has two levers with height and seat adjustment options. It also has a foot ring in chrome finish. This is actually a heavy-duty drafting stool, which can carry up to 150 kg of weight. The Lookout drafting stool is extremely durable and usually comes with a 5 to 6 years warranty.

It is also recommended that every office has some reliable utility tools. These could be finished in leather for a stylish look and feel. Utility stools come with a five star base and height adjustment up to 720 millimeters.

Stylish bench or bar drafting stools can be used in home offices or even kitchens. These are extremely stylish and seen in a lot of contemporary homes today. They have a curved seat, chrome finished legs and are usually made of leather.